(Too) Self Aware

At the end of a long day, for me there is nothing better than a hot bath and settling down with a podcast on. Imagine the surprise when I'm just starting to drift off and suddenly hear my name mentioned. 

"What podcast!? Where!?", you exclaim! Well the subject of the very post below this, Helen Zaltzman on Answer Me This, episode 363 (https://answermethispodcast.com/2018/06/07/episode363/). Thanks to Squarespace generously supporting the podcasts I love, here I am with a site of my own. Thanks Helen, Olly and Martin for the shout out, and the link. Hello and thank you to all of the AMT fans that found their way here (analytics is a fun tool on this platform!), it's always nice to have company. 

I will put up a list of my top 10 podcasts (with links) soon!

A x