Easily Distracted

Dear Reader (Yes, you),

You may have noticed that the very page this post sits upon is labelled 'Distractions'. It is not completely without irony that I have in fact been distracted many a time whilst attempting to write this post. I don't know what it's like elsewhere in the world, but where I grew up "Career Day" wasn't a thing at my schools. Some people I've met have always known what they've wanted to do (teach, become an illustrator, sort out the mess we call a government), I however haven't quite found my calling yet it seems. 

I did my degree for fun. I applied for my masters degree on a whim (and a desire to play video games for hours on end and call it 'research'). Now I have multiple half finished projects on the go and an innate desire not to let any of them fall to the wayside, yet not really making any progress across the board. To add insult to many an existing project - I have been inspired to write a book. It's something that has been suggested to me many a time as I do enjoy writing and by having a blog, I am clearly self indulgent enough to believe that people want to read what I write. But this time I think it might be something I actually stick with. 

Time will only tell.