(Not) Acting Your Age

When I was in my early teens, I couldn't wait to be a grown-up. Wanted to go out without supervision, stay up late, stay out late - only thing I wasn't too fussed about was underage drinking (lucky for my mother).  Mother dearest gave me pretty decent freedom - so I actually can't complain too much, but it's somehow not the same when you're doing stuff "because my mum said I could". I got to explore central London with my best friends at 15, learned how to eat with chopsticks in the heart of Chinatown, barter with stall owners in the stables markets in Camden and explored the best walking routes to dodge the tourists. At 26 I can say I am a fully fledged Londoner because of that freedom at a young age. I know parts of the city better than I know myself.

I have a full time job (outside of London), pay my own rent and bills etc. I am the very definition of a functioning adult (in loose societal terms), but when did I forget how to have fun? Closest most of us get is a few beers in the local or a night out in town. What I really mean is when is the last time you had fun without alcohol involved? 

A few weeks ago, C and I went up to our local park and had the time of our lives on the swings and doing barefoot cartwheels on the grass. Both of us were exhausted by the end of it and agreed it was the most fun we'd had in ages. I have the rest of my life (a good 40 years of working life) left to 'act my age' and be sensible and mature. I'm not ready to be boring yet. 

Splash in puddles in the rain, swing so high you feel sick and cartwheel until you get dizzy and fall over. Life is mundane enough, don't give in. Find more adventures!

A x