Small act. Big impact.

For anyone that lives in a major city in the UK, you'll certainly be aware of the growing homeless population in this country.

I'm not one for 'encouraging' the homeless. I'll say good morning/good afternoon, perhaps stop and chat for the regulars I've come to know, but I somehow feel uneasy about parting with money. What I have learned over the years (seeing a lot of the same faces), is that time can be as valuable as money to someone in need. We've been blessed with glorious sunshine and warm temperatures recently. Beautiful to be out and about in, but a relief to head indoors with a cold drink at the end of the day. Some people don't have that luxury and in 29 degree heat, they're likely suffering a bit. 

A cold bottle of water worth 80 pence and 2 minutes out of my way meant more than wordlessly throwing change without stopping. Sometimes it's a simple act of kindness that can change everything in someone's day. Maybe your small act will inspire someone else and make the world a slightly less hateful place. (Just kidding, people are terrible - doesn't mean you can't make someone's day better for five minutes). 

A x